Hey there, my name is Konrad Feiler and I'm usually too busy with software projects to keep this site pretty and updated ;)

Clients come to me for all kinds of software projects, in the past I've mostly been focussing on iOS/MacOS apps. But I also worked with many other technologies like AWS, React and Unity among others.

Projects I built that one can find online include (but are not limited to):
  • looc.io 🕶 - startup in the eye health & fashion market. iOS and Android AR-based Virtual Try-On apps, Web-Tryon, a large SPA for content managent in React and an extensive AWS-serverless backend.
  • Recast - Supporting my friends at Fika Media in a variety of frontend & backend capacities. Their latest project turns written articles into podcasts using openAI. I implemented a server-side rendered solid.js frontend as well as a chrome extension for them lately.
  • The Riddler - Augmented Reality Art Installation for the MIT CSail consisting of interactive wall art + connected AR iOS app where content flows seamlessly into the real world.
  • URHERE.art - Streaming site for your art performances and installations. Project planning and implementation of a solid.js based frontend with an AWS hosted serverless backend.
  • Tactica 🚀 - a mobile strategy game built in plain OpenGL ES before the age of game engines like Unity
  • Universe AR (Space Simulator in AR), hobby project in beta phase
  • Formicarium 🐜 - a kickstarter campaign for a game about ants
  • various apps for clients such as Paramount (formarly Viacom), sporttotal.tv, Accenture and more
Social channels you can find me:



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